Hi, this is Dave Kats and Michael Perusich with Kats Consultants and we have a tip for you.

Today, we want to talk about putting articles on the Internet. Now, there’s very little difference between you, the practice that’s a going concern that has a website that is never updated, and another chiropractor who went out of business six months ago and has his website live and never been updated. How does anybody know that you’re still in business? How do the search engines know that you’re still in business if you never update your website?

Well, one of the things you can do to update your website is do articles, print articles, or write articles on every two-week basis. I think every two weeks is frequent enough. They can be short articles. They can be about almost any subject, they can be about low back pain, they can be about auto accidents, they can be about gardening, they can be about summer lifting, things like that.

Michael Perusich: It’s interesting you bring it up, because I hear from a lot of doctors, “Well, what would I write about?” Well, we’re really considered experts in our field that’s why they call us doctor. You already have all this information, just write about something that’s happening with your patients. Maybe it’s a gardening season, maybe they’re out mowing the grass. Just talk about those little things that are bringing the patients in the door.

Dave: That’s right. Here’s why you use consultants because we got secrets for you. Here’s the secret of writing articles. There is a website called Fiverr, F-I-V-E-R-R, and they are called Fiverr because they’ll do anything you want them to do for $5. They will write articles for now and to eternity for you for $5. You can call a Fiverr person and say, “Write some articles on chiropractic and health. Write me 52 articles for $250.” You got your articles written for two years. Use Fiverr if you need to, but else write your own, they can be short. Make sure that you have pictures with it. You can have videos with it. Have interesting titles.

I think that’s about the only things we need to say about it. One other thing I want to say about it, when you put it on your website make sure that your web man, web person puts it out to all your social media sites too. It’s very important.

All right, this is Dave Kats, Michael Perusich. Thanks for listening.

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