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Making sure you are headed down the road to success and freedom

We know taking care of your patients is one of your highest priorities. But you don’t have to sacrifice your home life or patient care to be successful. Kats Consultants helps you pinpoint ideas that will make your practice grow again. We want you to build a lucrative practice that is totally free from financial challenges.

Once you’ve located your weakest area you should go to work building that area only.

Sometimes we see chiropractors with a weak spot – let’s say five new patients a month, which we both can agree is too few. It’s hard for them to get new patients, even though they are good at keeping and collecting from their existing patients. As a result, they tend to work on the areas they are good at and enjoy – patient retention and collection. New patient acquisition gets ignored.

New Patients A Month

Patients A Month

Dollars Monthly Revenue

The averages above were meant to provide you with a good starting point but you can do much better than average. Approximately 10% of our clients are new doctors and have smaller, newer practices but our top 10% collect $3,000,000 or more a year.

What about the other 80 percent? They fall somewhere close to the numbers you see above. So, we have a program for everyone.

Do You Need Help In These Areas?

Improving Office Procedures

Office procedures must be firm, consistent and respected by the entire staff or you will lose new patients just as fast as they come in the door. Do you have a policy for converting shoppers into new patients? Are your patients consistently completing their treatment? Is your no show or short notice cancellation rate too high? Kats Consultants has a perfect blend of office procedures that work in today’s practice.


Do you and your office staff take advantage of continuing education courses and implement trainings, such as HIPAA to maintain compliance with any governing agencies.

Accounting and Financial Responsibility

Do you continue to take education courses and take advantage of training for your office to stay compliant with health governing bodies such as HIPPA? We rarely equate office compliance with practice growth, but to have a sound practice you need to be compliant.

Internet Leads and Web Marketing

50-80% of new patient referrals should be coming from the web. Are you utilizing web marketing tools and social media to reach your target audience? Kats Consultants has a perfect plan for your business that involves industry respected search engine optimization, website optimization, social media presence, reviews, blogs and much more!

Increasing Income

Many doctors are limiting their growth because they aren’t maximizing their potential. Is your typical treatment an adjustment and two therapies? Today there is so much more you can provide your patients. Kats Consultants has excellent ideas for building your practice by adding services like rehab, functional medicine, cash based services and more.

Effectively Training Staff

Without a well-trained, conscientious staff even the best practices go downhill. Making sure you have a training plan creates a smooth transition for everyone. Communication is key to motivating and retaining quality staff. Retaining staff should be the goal of any well run practice because it adds confidence and consistency for your patients. Kats Consultants offers comprehensive video driven staff training for your entire staff.

Start Your Practice Building Journey

You know that there needs to be some change in order to build a successful practice. But what’s next? One word…START. Don’t be like most people who know they need help, but they never take the first step.

Kats Consultants can change your practice and your life. Call for a free consultation about your office growth.


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