Hi this is David Kats and Michael Perusich with Kats Consultants and we have a tip for you today.

We want to talk about pay-per-click advertising. I believe the pay-per-click advertising works for chiropractors, in fact we spend about $500 a month on pay-per-click advertising and I’d say it gives an average of about 12 new patients a month from pay-per-click.

Michael Perusich: It works well.

David: Yes, it’s a good way to try things out to see if you can generate new patients that way. Now I want to tell you something, given an adequate trial, in the old days, 30 years ago, we invested $400 a month in Yellow Pages and they made you do it for 12 months, so you spent $4,800, not knowing if it’s going to work and eventually you’d get one or two patients a year out of it. Now I hear chiropractors say to me, well I tried that pay-per-click, I spent $100 a couple months ago, well nothing happened. Well, $100 comparing $4,800, no wonder nothing happened, so try pay-per-click advertising. I think everybody knows how it works.

It was like Google or with Facebook and you just put an advertisement on there and they show your advertisement and you pay each time it’s clicked and you can say only one who spent so much money, only one spend $300. We started out spending $300, we went to $500, we actually went to $1,000 for a short period of time and then back to $500 because we were getting an adequate number of new patients with 500.

But very important that you look at pay-per-click advertising has a very easy thing to do, just type in Google, pay-per-click advertising and it’s a step-by-step thing it goes, it’s very easy. I would encourage you to look at a pay-per-click advertising, it’s the yellow pages of 30 years ago.

Michael: Simple, promotional and it buys into that whole idea of the pervasive internet presence.

David: You can do one or two things, you can change your change your pay-per-click advertising every week if you want to, for instance, my son is a chiropractor and when he was first in practice, he wasn’t open on Saturdays but he would say new patients accepted today, he’d put that on every Saturday, new patients accepted this Saturday. Today he got a new patient every week for four weeks straight just by doing that or the other option is just put a Facebook ad out there and Google ad out there and let it run every month the same end.

Michael: That’s right.

David: It also works well too.

This is David Kats & Michael Perusich, thanks for listening.

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