Speaker 1: Chiropractic Consulting, an off the cuff perspective with Dr. Kats and Dr. Perusich.

David Kats: Another thing that sets us apart is that we have a good blend of motivation and actually teaching practice growth procedures. Some consultants are all practice growth procedures and some are almost all motivation. Neither one by itself is going to have the same effect as having both together.

Mike Perusich: That’s right. When you get that mix, boy, Monday morning when you come back from a seminar you’re just ready to go. You’ve got your motivation, you’ve got your practice growth, you’ve got some new ideas. You got the brain trust with other doctors that are there, you just hit the ground running on Monday morning.

David Kats: There’s another thing, there are a lot of things we do for the clients that other consultants don’t do. For instance, we send out weekly video tips, there’s a few of them that I really like, the weekly video tips that we see, but one of the big ones I think is we have a Wednesday group video call for staff. We sent out a survey about a year and a half ago, we asked, “What do you want to most have from our consulting?” There were a lot of things, new patients and things like that and how to move into the electronic world and things like that. The biggest thing, the number one biggest thing is they wanted staff training and office procedure.

Mike Perusich: That was number one.

David Kats: Now, you couple that with the fact that they say, “But I don’t like to pay for my staff to go to a seminar.” Then you got a catch 22, but we solved that.

Mike Perusich: We have.

Mike Perusich: Because we got a Wednesday call every Wednesday like clock work, everybody gets on the phone and it’s not the phone actually, it’s the computer. You can join by phone, but you get on by computer, it works extremely well.

Mike Peruisch: It does and that’s become really, really popular. It really is getting the staff members more and more involved in the practice.

David Kats: That’s exactly right. Then we started at this backwards. I said we have Wednesday calls called crew calls for the staff, we have Tuesday calls called inner circle calls for the doctors.

Mike Perusich: For the doctors. Right.

David Kats: It’s very well attended.

Mike Perusich: It is. We just explore a different topic every week. We do that for about 25 minutes, then we have our question and answer session, which really is become more of a brain trust session where we learn from each other.

David Kats: Of the doctors that are on that call nearly everyone knows everybody else now. That’s really nice. Another thing that we–

Mike Perusich: That’s the benefit of being a smaller company too.

David Kats : Yes. That’s right. That’s exactly right.

Speaker 1: Don’t forget, guys, to register for the May 10th seminar, four hours of learning for you and your staff.

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